Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Lives: Lawrence Krauss: No, I won!!!

Um, no. Not fast, Mr Krauss. I love David Heddle's blog. He just posted a response to the Lawrence Krauss' comments regarding his debate with William Lane Craig last week. I think it is a good idea to read his comments. He, who is also a physicist, points out a very fundamental flaw in Krauss' argument:

Ahhhhhhreh? LK, go to the board and write 500 times: cosmological fine-tuning is not the same as the anthropic principle.

Heddle is reformed so he does not fall into the same trap of thinking that the creation and all of God's actions are for us. God does not serve us. We must serve him. Follow the link to read more of Heddle's comments.

He Lives: Lawrence Krauss: No, I won!!!
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  1. As Associate Professor Heddle put it, "debates are usually unedifying matters of style over substance", which explains why you folks think William Craig often "wins" them.