Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amazing Free Will

Alan Kurschners posted a very thoughtful poem. What would happen if you took the beautiful hymn "Amazing Grace" and replace "Grace" with "Free Will". It irrevocably changes the meaning of the song.

Amazing Free Will how sweet the sound,
That saved a neutral soul like me.
I once was sickly not even drowned,
Was seeking but given opportunity.

T'was a soft voice that taught my Will to decide.
My seeker-self ultimate prime.
How precious did that Free Will coincide
Looking down the corridors of time.

Through foreknowledge and capacity
'Tis also Free Will that determined my possible lot
Whosoever Will!, can come through synergy
"How often I wanted to gather you but you would not"

Adam preserved ability for me.
My cooperation my hope secure.
99% God 1% Man hence eternity,
His salvific potential always near

Yea, this Free Will shall never fail,
But mortal life shall cease,
Sinner's prayer way back as I can tell
But God must honor when I decease

When I've been there a thousand years
Bright shining standing in my glory.
I've no less days to reflect in mirrors
Than when I've first chosen Him, wholly.

 Is this what the Bible Teaches about what people are and what our capabilities.are? God is in control and we are not.  Nope. It is God's unmerited mercy and favor that saves us from the penalty of sin we deserve.

Amazing Free Will

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