Saturday, October 1, 2011

Further Responses to "Christian" Scholar Laurence Brown by Dr James White

Last week, Dr James White began reviewing a discussion by Laurence Brown on the Islamic Apologetic' show, The Deen Show. Here is the show that Dr White is responding to.

Dr Brown is arguing that Jesus is not God and that there is no Trinity. He's wrong. You can hear the first part of the response here and the second part over here. Here is the third part of the response at this link.

Tuesday on the Dividing Line: Further Responses to "Christian" Scholar Laurence Brown
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  1. It's obvious to me that the gospels are fiction and that the Jesus of the gospels is a hoax. Meanwhile the Jesus of the Koran is also copied from christian sources, with editorial comments. Of course neither the gospels writers or Mohammad ever met or witnessed Jesus, all are relying on hearsay or simply writing fiction.