Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fistbump of the day - Answering Muslims: Muslim Debate Tricks

David Wood has posted a list compiled by Yohannes that lists tactics Muslims use to win debates. The real interesting thing is that I've noticed some similar tactics Atheists use, only when Atheists use them they are even more pathetic. They have less to stand on. I've annotated the list in red.

In the comments section, Yohannes posted ten rules of Muslim debate. Since we see these tricks being implemented again and again, they deserve special attention.

WINNING DEBATES FOR DUMMIES: A Guide for Muslims to Win Debates with Ten Easy Tricks

1. Always keep your CAPS Lock on. This way your post will be difficult to read and no one will be able to answer.

Most Atheists I have tried to reason with tend to use all caps when shouting as most people.

2. Whenever someone comes up with a verse from the Quran that you are unable to defend, say that it is taken out of CONTEXT.

When you raise a verse from the Bible that the Atheist has butchered or just plain wrong about, the Atheists I've talked to tell you that it's wrong to use the Bible to prove the Bible. Smoke screen. Funny how some Muslims do the same thing when they fail to represent what the Bible says accurately.

3. Whenever someone comes up with a Hadith that you are unable to answer, say that Hadiths are not reliable.

Atheists do the same thing with scientists and scholars who disagree with them. Classic.

4. When someone comes to you with both the Quran and the Hadith, say that the Quran and the Hadith can only be understood in Arabic.

Here atheists claim that the Bible and Christian theology is so fragmented it's impossible to tell what interpretation is correct...except theirs.

5. When someone comes to you with the Quran and the Hadith and also proves that he/she understands Arabic, say that these verses are for a specific time period and could not be applied today.

Atheists ignore all the history and time Christianity has been around as if the arguments they trot out have never been answered or thought about. It's been 2000 years and longer for Judaism. They like to pretend the Bible is antiquated. I'm willing to accept that verses in the Qur'an can be for a specific time period and not applied today, because the same it true for the Bible. But there is a major difference. When the Bible contains commands for killing the Amalekites it was for the Jews at the time in the context of war and can't be followed today. When was the last time you met an Amalekite? Amorite? Exactly. There are not any. But when the Qur'an calls the killing for non-Muslims where does it stop? When either they convert or die.

6. When you cannot answer any questions, say that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and soon the entire world will believe.

I guess they mean the whole world will be Muslim after they kill everyone else who doesn't convert. Atheists are under the delusion that eventually they will be able to prove that there is no God and people will "grow" out of being religious. What they fail to understand is that a born-again Christian doesn't believe the Bible and in God because it makes them feel good. We believe because we know it's true.

7. When someone comes up with proofs that Islam is not the fastest growing religion, say that these figures are biased and compiled by Christians.

I've heard atheist say the same thing when they aren't complaining about being too few.

8. Paste some YouTube videos about the Quran's scientific miracles. When someone proves that these videos are stupid, shout that they are biased.

Atheists do the same thing only opposite. They try to debunk and disprove Christianity - failing miserably - but what else can they do.

9. Keep on pasting random verses from the Qur'an to divert attention.

Atheists accuse Christians of doing the same thing, only they think a single word from the Bible is irrelevant because they don't think it's probably true (although they can't prove that it's not true).

10. Finally, when you are totally on the run, curse and threaten people with Hell fire and say that they are not worthy of Islam.

This one Atheists and Muslims definitely have in common - profanity included.

Answering Muslims: Muslim Debate Tricks
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  1. Too funny, I've seen you do all the original "Muslim debate tactic" things.

    Atheists do the same thing only opposite.

    Yes, exactly the same... but different...

  2. Ryan, you have done everything I've said that atheists do. So yo mean atheists don't post bad YouTube videos with really bad arguments but trying to disprove religion while Muslims try to prove their religion. Turns out you still can't read anything while understanding its context. You never fail to disappoint.

  3. I've not used all caps.

  4. Not for an entire sentence which is why I phrased it the way I did. More evidence of your selective reading incomprehension. You really should get that checked.

  5. More evidence of your selective reading incomprehension.

    Again, planks in eyes and such...