Thursday, August 16, 2012

FacePlant of the Day - A Really Bad Pro-Homosexual Argument! that Twists the Bible.

On Tuesday, Dr James White responded to an argument that's becoming quite popular in which people try to suggest that Jesus condoned homosexuality because he healed the young gay lover of a Roman Centurion. They base this farce on Matthew 8 and Luke 7. They want to argue that the one Jesus healed was not the Centurion servant but the centurion's gay lover. They go as far as saying that the Greek word  "pais" does not mean "servant" but "lover". Such an argument can't hold together, and  Dr White truly shows how this "reasoning" is really a fail.

Here is a link to the original article by Jay Michaelson: Link

Today on the Dividing Line: A Bunch of Really Bad Arguments on Very Different Topics
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  1. "Admire me, love me, adore me. But please, for the love of Zeus, stop with the blood sacrifice bullshit. It's fucking outrageous and makes us all look like a bunch of goddamned retards!!"--Jesus Christ, up in the goddamned sky.

  2. Somebody didn't understand the argument.