Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Debunking Christianity: "What Justifies the Scientific Method?"

Recently , John Loftus posted a link to a discussion between Dr Stephen Law and Dr Richard Dawkins.  Their discussion was around how do we know the scientific method works and is reliable.

I think the discussion misses some very important distinctions. It's sad that professors of philosophy and science can miss these. The distinctions are between the scientific method and natural materialism.  One can accept one and not the other. They treated these ideas as the same thing. They are not. The scientific method is the methodology for coming to scientific conclusions. These conclusions are not always correct and it is the conclusions that I take issue with not with the Methodology. The other thing to remember is that natural materialism is not the same thing as the method. It is a conclusion that some have erroneously drawn based on methodology that we all agree has it's flaws and can take a long time to arrive at reliable conclusions. Science and Technology such as computers, airplanes, medicine, cars, and other things are not dependent on the assumption of Natural Materialism. They are not the same thing.

Debunking Christianity: "What Justifies the Scientific Method?"
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