Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jim Bob Duggar Compares Abortion to the Holocaust

Jim Bob Duggar recently restated his position that abortion is like Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Of course this thought causes all kinds of controversy and strong emotions. In one such article, a woman makes dismisses the Duggars for being ignorant and uninformed. I think it's partly because he and his wife have decided to have so many children of their own in a society where people think that that is backwards. She attempts to explain the difference between abortion and the Holocaust as follows.
Several million human beings died in The Holocaust because a homicidal sociopath decided that they didn’t deserve to live based solely on their religion or sexual orientation or mental abilities. Even though these people did not in any way affect Hitler or the way he chose to live his life, he had them systemically enslaved and murdered. In contrast, several million fetuses are aborted every year because the women carrying them decided that it wasn’t in the fetus and/or the woman’s best interest to bring the fetus to term.
I think she misses the following point that Duggar and people like him see in the similarities. You have someone in power determining that it is not in the best interest for a human being to live. Set aside for a moment the idea that a woman should have the right to determine what is right for her body and compare it to the right that we would give any other human being to live. In effect when a baby is aborted, the same choice is made against a human being as when the Nazis decided that those millions of people did not deserve to live. This thought comes from the idea that I don't see how any of us has the right or authority to determine who should live and who should die. 

Hitler did think that the people he murdered were affecting his interest negatively. They were in his way. They were inconvenient to him reaching agendas and goals - same reason some choose abortion.

Jim Bob Duggar Compares Abortion to the Holocaust

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