Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weighing in on the Phil Robertson Controversy

Today, I finally heard of the Controversy that came about from an interview of Phil Robertson in GQ Magazine. Robertson is one of the stars of the A&E show Duck Dynasty. Robertson made statements completely consistent with Christianity against Homosexuality and other sins rampant in America today. A&E fired him from the show and people are calling for him to apologize. Here is a really good video explaining the situation and why it is silly.

Not everything that Robertson said I agree with. The situation was also discussed on the Pierce Morgan Show on CNN.

The really amazing thing is how people are trying to spin Robertson's statement as non-Christian. Morgan said himself that although he claims to be a "Christian", he does not believe all of the Bible is true. Michael Brown did a great job representing the truth of the Bible. Too bad the other people he was talking to on the show did not hear him.

Piers Morgan Says Belief That Homosexuality Is Sinful Is 'Bigoted' and 'Fooey' | Media Research Center

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