Friday, December 29, 2017

James White Educated by Tim Wise "Tremendous Amount of Racism in the Bl...

Yahya Snow posted the following video and I know he constant critic of James White. This is because James White is really good at talking to Muslims and arguing for the truths of Christianity. James White is transparent about knowing that he does not know everything and about the truth that we all have blind spots - ignorance and misunderstandings of reality. I mean if we didn't have them or could eliminate them all we wouldn't need each other and we would not need God. But we do. In James White's case I think he does have blind spot when it comes to racism and white privilege in America. This does not mean that he's racist or evil or completely wrong from his viewpoint. For example when he says all prejudices against another person (especially because of their skin color) is wrong. And some Black people do think that way just like some White people. However he seems to fail to see how slavery and racism affect his black brothers and sisters today differently than it does himself because he is a white man. When he says that he "doesn't see color", it is because he doesn't have to. His skin color does not negatively impact his life or getting along in American society, It doesn't make him racist just mean that he does not see the world the same way I do. And Like him without God's mercy and revelation I can't see any clearer than he does and in something I don't see things as clearly as he does. For example he sees and understands Textual Criticism far better than I do.

As for the video below, although I agree with everything Tim Wise is quoted in saying I think it is untrue to pretend that Wise we speaking to people like James White. I saw the program that is clipped from James White's podcast and he was not bemoaning the idea that Black people get to use the N-word but he can't. That was not the point James White was talking about at all. Instead this is an example of Yahya Snow being less than honest in criticizing James White in one of his weaknesses because he isn't able to destroy James White's arguments regarding Islam.

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  1. I found out how pervasive white privilege is when my black grandson applied to the church school at ST George Episcopal, San Antonio, and he was declared not a fit. He was loved by all, and an Alter boy, but not a fit for the school. The rector died it was race, but gave no reason. Just another person being in denial.