Monday, February 26, 2018

Black Panther Is Blacker Than You Thought (SPOILERS)

If you have not seen Black Panther, this post contains spoilers!  I saw this movie and there has been much written and posted on it. I find that many people saw this and are commenting on it and don't have the background in the comic book lore and jump to wrong conclusions of what Wakanda is. That's not really anyone's fault. There was not a lot of time to give all the information.
Danielle Radford does a really good of summarizing much of what much people have to say about how African the Black Panther movies truly is and how T'Challa relates to Eric Killmonger. I really like her comments and I think her commentary is better than Yvette Carnell's comments.

Carnell is wrong in her argument that Killmonger is wrong in how he wants to fix the problems he is
seeking to address. I agree with Radford that Killmonger is justified to feel the way he does but wrong in what he is trying to do. See the picture below for an illustration on what Killmonger wanted to do with the white people he didn't kill. I also can identify with what Killmonger was saying and feeling but I think something that everyone seems to be missing is that Wakanda was not hiding from the world out of selfishness or just ego. In the comics, they don't share their technology because they don't want to interfere with other nations. They don't invade other nations. They don't have homeless people or underclasses like the rest of the world have. I thought of it like the Prime Directive in Star Trek. Wakanda is at least 200 years ahead of everyone else. They understand that a lot of people would be hurt through the misuse of their tech. I don't think the Wakandans are wrong, but that does not mean that they can or should turn their backs on the rest of the world and do nothing to help - nor do they need to commit genocide on the rest of the world. I think T'Challa's ultimate choice was the best one. Killmonger was wrong. In the end, what was the difference between him and Adolf Hitler? Other than Hitler wanted to kill black people and elevate White People and Killmonger wanted the opposite there was no difference. Killmonger was willing to kill Black people who got in his way.  His actions was not just

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