Monday, August 11, 2008

The Truth Behind G. Craig Lewis Part 3

Anthony from Hazakim pointed out many historical inaccurate claims Lewis has publicly stated in his "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" series. Toward the end of his first DVD, Lewis stated that Freddie Stone, who was the lead guitarist of the group Sly and the Family Stone , had said that he and other members were high on heroine when they wrote music. This is what Lewis said:

Today Pastor Frederick Stewart (Freddie Stone) has been now saved upwards of 28 years and is now Pastor of Evangelist Temple Church of God in Christ in Vallejo, California. On top of that he is my Pastor and in public and private has made no secret of the life of drugs that God delivered him from. He has said that he never shot up heroine. That means that Lewis is wrong. Pastor Stewart has no reason to not admit it if it were true. He admits to everything else. He boasts not himself but in what God has done for him and through him. If Lewis was right Pastor Stewart would use it as one more proof of what God has delivered him from. Pastor Stewart has not said anything of the kind of things Lewis said that he had said.

Lewis also said that he was instrumental in the conversion of Kevin Thornton. Kevin was a member of the group Color Me Badd. Here is Lewis talking about it:

Then I heard Kevin's testimony. It's a beautiful testimony about what God delivered him from but nothing about Lewis or Lewis casting 49 demons out of him. This is how Kevin answered the question about why and how he became a gospel artist.

I have found some corroborating evidence on the internet. Read this article here. It even has an audio clip of a demon supposedly talking through Thornton. This post references to another post that says the clip was provided by Bob Larson. Bob Larson is not really a credible source. He is spoken of well by Lewis but is debunked by the Christian Research Institute (CRI). Here is an article they published in the CRI Journal. Because of his teachings, they and many ministers do not take Larson's tales as factual. Neither I, CRI, nor orthodox historic Christianity denies the existence of demons or demon possession but I just don't think Larson is being truthful. I will write more on him in another article. Added to the fact that Larson claims to have performed the exorcism on Thornton and Lewis make the same claim without either mentioning the presence of the other I've got to wonder if either one is telling the truth. The picture on the right is of the group Color Me Badd and Kevin is the black man. I cannot find anyplace where Kevin Thornton confesses to have needing an exorcism.

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