Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is Dora the Explorer an Illegal Immigrant? - AOL News

I just heard that Dora the Explorer's citizenship has become controversial.  I watch Dora with my daughter - she likes it. However, I never really gave any thought to what she represents in the debate of immigration. In my opinion the debate is silly. Every person in this country is an immigrant or children of immigrants - either by choice or force. Immigrants are not the problem in our society. IT's not all of their fault. I think this is important because Dora will affect the way our children think of those who speak spanish. What does it look like allowing Spanish speakers to do the jobs we don't want and not let them share in the fruits of their labor - that's called slavery.

Is Dora the Explorer an Illegal Immigrant? - AOL News
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  1. I always assumed Dora was in Mexico, or Central America, not the U.S.

    All the animals speak Spanish. White people are scared of being a minority, and they are making their bed with trying to bring hard-core discrimination back.

    oh well...