Monday, December 6, 2010

Apologist Interview: Holly Ordway - Apologetics 315

Today, Brian Auten posted his interview with Dr. Holly Ordway. I really liked it! Her story of how God brought her to Himself. I like looking at why people believe what they believe. She can look back over life and see how God brought her to belief. She is clear that she first became convinced that Christianity was objectively true and that there are real good reasons to believe and seeing the Gospel lived out - then she experienced Jesus. Her story is different than a lot of people I've met. The majority of people I know personally experience God first and then as they learn more about  the reasons we know it's true outside of themselves.  I'm very analytical myself, like Dr. Ordway, but I had the experience first and then learned that my experiences have objective evidence outside of me. I praise God because this truly means that God can find you and call you in the way best for you. It also means that we can't put god in a box and make assumptions about what and who God cannot use to give people the faith they need to believe. No way is God asking anyone to believe anything without evidence.

Apologist Interview: Holly Ordway - Apologetics 315
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