Friday, December 3, 2010

My Third Android App - WHHW_V2

As I have previously posted, I've been learning how to make Android apps using Google App Inventor. Yes, It is very powerful but not as powerful as using a full IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This is my 3rd app and the second version of the What Had Happened Was... Mobile app. Version 2 attempts to expand the first. Instead of showing the whole RSS feed, it shows them one at a time. You can scroll through them using "Previous Post" and "Next Post". A button was added that will send you to the post in a web browser. I figured out how to better parse the RSS feed so that I could get the post's url and image url. Unfortunately the images don't show up in the app. I've only tested this on the Samsung Vibrant which uses Android 2.1. You can download it and check it out free using the QR code. I plan another version will hopefully fix the images and provide more help as to what post is being displayed of the possible twenty-five. I'm going to be doing a fuller post on how this app works on my gadgets blog. I've even used the androidscreencast to record a video of the app in action.



Reference Links
Android Screencast – Control Android Phone from PC | Sizzled Core
Universal Feed Parser
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