Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calvinistic Cartoons: From an Arminian Viewpoint

Eddie Eddings has called attention to the following post from an Arminian that I also have to say I agree with.

Arminian Today: Problems I Have With Modern Arminians: "If I have learned anything from the Rob Bell wave that has hit the blogs over the past few weeks its that I am not in full agreement with al..."
Sometimes critics of Christianity use the Arminian/Calvinist debate to try to say Christians do not understand what we believe and can't agree. The thing is there is really no reason for Calvinists and Arminians to be at each others' throats. The disagreement centers on how God does what He does in saving an individual from sin and death. I agree that the following list is something all Christians should repudiate:

  • The rejection of inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.
  • The emphasis on Mankind being the center of theology instead of God Almighty being the center.
  • The rejection of justification by grace through faith apart from works.
  • Inclusive theology.
  • Postmortem salvation as a true possibility.
  • Universalism.
  • The drifting toward pragmatism and postmodern theology.
  • The willingness to embrace any theology that holds to some forms of Arminianism such as the open view of God.

I'm glad to find out that there are some people who call themselves "Arminians" who disagree with the stuff on this list. I don't see how one can call themselves ones who believe the Bible and yet reject what it says.

Calvinistic Cartoons: From an Arminian Viewpoint
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