Friday, October 14, 2011

Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Greatest Sermon Ever - YouTube

Neil deGrasse Tyson reading from The Pluto FilesImage by Newton Free Library via FlickrI came across this video on YouTube of Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

I was very intrigued. You don't see many African Americas as professional science and in some ways what I hear him talk he reminds me of my similar feelings. There are several things he says that I found very interesting. When he talks of the universe and the draw it had on him it was the must the same way people talk about religious experiences. For example for most of this video, if you swapped out "universe" for God, you wouldn't have messed up his message. I found it interesting that he even remarked on that fact. I don't think he looks at the universe as having personhood but was talking metaphorically. However it's interesting that for him the universe almost becomes a place holder in the place for where God should be in his life. It makes me wonder if he was raised in church and he grew into his world view or was that the worldview he was raised in? Real interesting. I totally enjoy him talking about science and how people should be more science literate. In this day and age, we have no excuse to not be more literate in all forms of human knowledge and expression. While learning more and more about the universe has driven me to God, I wonder why some people seem feel like the more they know the less they need God. I think Newton, Kepler, Copernicus, Pascal, and most of the founders of modern science would agree that their studies and discoveries deepened their faith and brought them closer to God and brought about a desire to learn even more. That is what it does for me. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Greatest Sermon Ever - YouTube
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