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the a-atheism blog: Richard Dawkins Attacks John Lennox in Latest Craig-Bitter Hissy Fit!

There has been a great blog article regarding Richard Dawkins' attempt to save face despite his embarrassment at not debating William Lane Craig. The following video and comments from the article are worth considering especially from this quote:

But who could predict that Dawkins would lose all sense of coherence and discernment while throwing his latest tantrum? In a recent forum post on his "clear-thinking oasis" website (Pretentiousness Police! Pull over!) Dawkins actually attacked Prof John Lennox, for being just as unworthy of engaging with as Dr Craig! His reason? That Lennox "masquerades as a scientist while believing Jesus turned water into wine"!

As the video above shows, this excuse did not stop Dawkins debating Lennox three times in the past! Indeed, John Lennox gave an actual argument as to why such a belief is not incompatible with science (briefly: 1. if God exists then he can feed new events into the system he's already created, 2. turning water into wine is such a new event, 3. therefore if God exists then he could do it)!

Dawkins' response? The fallacy of personal incredulity.

And now, behold the abject desperation and emotionalism! Evidently, while still fuming at Dr Craig being endorsed even by fellow Oxford atheists, as worthy of civilised discussion and debate, Dawkins feels the need to lash out even less discriminately than ever before. The important thing to remember is, apparently, that if you're not an atheist.... YOU'RE NOT WORTHY!

I've seen the recording of Dawkins debates with John Lennox and the real issue is that Dawkins lost those encounters and he knows it. Lennox is more than a worthy scholar and scientist. Yes, mathematicians are also just as much scientists as biologists. Richard Dawkins behavior and attitude towards people who disagree with him would be extremely adorable....if he were 2 years-old. Read the rest of the article at the following link.

the a-atheism blog: Richard Dawkins Attacks John Lennox in Latest Craig-Bitter Hissy Fit!

You can see the debates of Dawkins versus Lennox and make up your own mind. .

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