Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fistbump of the Day: Dr Norman Geisler Quotes Mariano In His Rebutal of Dr Bart Ehrman

In the second video of the four-part series of a video lecture of Dr Norman Geisler giving arguments refuting Dr Bart Ehrman, Dr Geisler used an argument Mariano Grinbank used in a blog entry applying Ehrman's own arguments regarding Biblical reliability to the printing and writing of his own book Misquoting Jesus. I think the argument is brilliant and undeniable. Dr Geisler even gave Mariano's blog credit for the argument. I know I already gushed over the blog post when I originally saw it but it bears repeating. You can see Dr. Geisler's whole lecture at the following link.

What had happen' was.....: Bart Ehrman Refuted by Dr Norman Geisler - YouTube

I've got to point out that during the whole Ergun Caner scandal last year, Geisler and others denied that bloggers contributed worthwhile information, but here is Geisler quoting a blog and effectively using Mariano's work. Indeed perfect. You can read Mariano's article that Dr Geisler used right here:

Bart Ehrman’s Millions and Millions of Variants, part 1 of 2

Bart Ehrman’s Millions and Millions of Variants, part 2 of 2

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