Monday, May 9, 2011

Apologist Interview: Tim McGrew - Apologetics 315

One of the best things about Apologetics 315's interview  series is that Brian Auten asks questions that I really wanna know. This week, he interviewed Dr. Tim McGrew. Dr McGrew has been busy the past several weeks and has been speaking and his work being pointed to in many of the sources I've been following. The more I see of his work and his wife's, Dr Lydia McGrew, the more impressed I've become. I've enjoyed the other two other interviews Brian has posted but this one is worth hearing even if you heard the other two. I'm hoping that Dr Tim McGrew will write a book calling attention to undesigned coincidences in the Biblical text. He is the first person who I have heard discuss this.and I am amazed that I have not seen it before. Truth is given that he has pointed out and helped to make available past scholars who discussed it maybe he doesn't need to write one. I hope next week or in the near future Brian interviews Lydia McGrew.

Apologist Interview: Tim McGrew - Apologetics 315
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