Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily Nation: - Africa |African bishops say Anglicans in West strayed from God

This is good news. I heard about this from Dr. Mariottini's blog. I'm not happy that many denominations are deciding to compromise on scripture. I'm glad that Anglican bishops in Africa are voicing concerns. It's about time someone had said something and they are going as far cutting ties to European and American and Canadian congregations that are compromising on homosexuality.
The conference host, the Archbishop of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi, said African leaders would use the six-day meeting to voice the concerns about the "ailing church" to Williams.
"Homosexuality is incompatible with the word of God," Orombi said. "It is good (that) Archbishop Rowan is here. We are going to express to him where we stand. We are going to explain where our pains are."
Orombi also said that disputes over homosexuality had already divided the global Anglican community
Think that Bishop Orombi is over-reeacting? Nope. Here is a quote from Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams:
"We must learn to listen to those we lead and serve to find out what their hopes and needs and confusions are. We must love them and attend to their humanity in all its diversity," he said.
"We cannot assume we always know better and that we always have the right answer to any specific question."

We can love people and attend to their diversities without condoning sin and compromising on scripture.
Daily Nation: - Africa |African bishops say Anglicans in West strayed from God
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