Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Superheroes and Moral Values - Are Superheroes Bad Role Models? - Popular Mechanics

I appreciate Mariano for pointing out this article. The thing about it is I agree that sometimes true characterization and morals are underplayed and the violence and fun highlighted. I mean make no mistake that when it came to the Iron Man movies the idea was to make it fun to be Anthony Stark. In the comics, especially the earlier ones, his heart condition was a major part of the story and it served as his "Achilles heel" - adding a sense of drama and vulnerability to the character. I think the version of Iron Man in the movies works in our culture today because people do want to watch over-the-top power characters who do what they want and play by their own rules. I think that is why Wolverine is so popular. Batman also taps into this vein. I think what makes these characters heroic is that they have a code and standard that they stick by. For example, Batman does not kill. Although Wolverine kills, he has a nobility and a standard that guides what he will and will not do. I think the article is correct about how the Spider-Man, Incredibles, Fantastic Four, Superman, and Batman come across. You do get a view of moral values that we should  aspire to live out ourselves. I think all great stories - mythological and real - share that trait. That is why we remember them.  I would add the following movies to their list of moral lessons.

1. X-Men - Protect others with the gifts you have even if they will not appreciate you for it

2. Wolverine - Be the best there is at what you do

3. Black Panther - Don't start fights...but you finish them. Carefully plan and be strategic.

4. Blade- "There are worse things than Vampires out there tonight."

"Like what?"

"Like me."

Attitude truly is everything. 

5.  Phantom - You are part of a tradition - what you have received you should pass on .

6. Captain America - "Surrender? Do you think this 'A' on my forehead stands for  'France'?!!!

Never give up

Superheroes and Moral Values - Are Superheroes Bad Role Models? - Popular Mechanics
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