Sunday, June 26, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #95 - Debunking Christianity: Good without gods

John Lofuts pointed out the following video on Debunking Christianity. It has several problems.

The video attempt to propose a few theoretical societies and does a great job in explaining how morality is not subjective but objective. I agreed with that. The video however fails to give an adequate explanation for how we know what we know is right and how we know something is wrong. Without this, we can't really judge if someone is wrong in what they do or say if my opinion is just as good as yours. The Bible explains to us how utterly lost we are and don't really know everything that is best for us. Homosexuality is a prime example. The video suggests that it harms no one. I disagree. And there is plenty of research that back this up. I suggest reading Dr. Michael Brown's book A Queer Thing Has Happened to America. It's clear that without God we are blind to what is best for us and what is wrong for us. We need God. The more society moves away from God, the worse it will become.

Debunking Christianity: Good without gods
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