Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Oh Snap!" of the Day #1 - James White Has a lot to Say

This is the first of a series of post spotlighting what we call "Oh Snap!" moments where I come from. These are moments where someone says or does something in response to an idea or an action that perfectly refutes it in such a strong way that it's unmistakable. The helpful flow chart on the left that I got from Ms Belton on the Black Snob blog. This weekend I saw two examples from Dr James White.

In Atheists on the Run from William Lane Craig, Dr White discusses the recent news that many atheists are quaking in their boots and won't debate Dr. William Lane Craig and hide behind really lame excuses. Dr White however does not just bring the atheists to task, but points out that many theists shy away from debating certain people themselves on certain subjects. For example Dr Craig will not debate Dr White on Molinism and Middle Knowledge. He points out how important debate is and calls these things out as they are. All I could say after reading it was "Oh Snap!"

In The Dark Side of Anti-Calvinism, Dr White discusses the latest charges against Calvinism and against himself personally from George Bryson and Micah Coate. Last week, Dr White reviewed Coate's book in which Coate argues that Calvinism has cult-like characteristics like Jehovah Witnesses. Instead of debating White directly, some of these people are content to talking in public about the issues but won't debate. White does a good job discussing the issues and explaining his position. He calls his critics to a higher standard and all I can say is "Oh Snap!".

The following video shows why George Bryson does not debate anymore.

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