Monday, August 23, 2010

Debunking Christianity: Lee Strobel, You Are Just Plain Stupid!

John Loftus posted the following commentary and video.
I like Bishop John Shelby Spong. I've read a couple of his books more than a decade ago and they were eye-opening to me. He presents a superior case against Christian fundamentalism. Watch Spong in action below but take special note of how utterly stupid Lee Strobel is at the end. He merely repeats platitudes that Biblical scholars have long ago debunked. Sorry Lee but you are one ignorant man.

Let's discuss just what "stupid" is. I keep hearing Loftus and others completely agree with some of the fallacies Bishop Spong kept bringing up and making it seem like all Christian Scholars agree with him and the minority who don't are either uneducated and biased for Christianity because of their faith. I disagree because I know of many well-educated and researched scholars who disagree with the conclusions reached by Loftus and Spong.
I think the real reason Loftus doesn't like Strobel is because Strobel used to be an atheist and flies in the face of Loftus' rhetoric that Christians are Christians because they were raised that way and reasonable people become atheists when they look at the evidences for themselves. The thing that Loftus seems to forget is that Strobel isn't the only one who comes to Christ from a non-Christian background. Just because I did does not mean everyone does.
Debunking Christianity: Lee Strobel, You Are Just Plain Stupid!

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