Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Answering Muslims: James White Responds to Kamal Saleh

Oh well, David Wood has beaten me to posting a summary on issues surrounding Kamal Saleh's Video Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus - Muslim Version. To understand what happen you have to realized that Saleh's video is itself a response to Jefferson's Bethke's poem Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus. Therefore here is Bethke's video

Now look at Kamal Saleh's video.

See it? Big difference a really big difference. Fortunately, Dr James White teamed up with a lyricist,Ivey Conerly, to rebutt Saleh's errors. Here is that video. Dr White provided the theology and historical background and Conerly put the information into a poem

James White also provided a background video for those who want to hear this information in prose.

Answering Muslims: James White Responds to Kamal Saleh

Check out how Saleh tried to copy Bethke to twist the message and how Dr White and Conerly answered his claims. Saleh had not presented anything new, but it never hurts to revisit truth.

Earlier today Ivey Conerly was a guest on James White's podcast and they discussed all of this. You can follow this link to hear it:
Today on a Special Edition of the Dividing Line

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