Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walmart Unveils Super Hero Augmented Reality App | Avengers | News |

Only one of my Android devices is supported but my iPad 2 is supported. We went Friday evening to test it out!
With more than 100 million augmented reality-capable smartphones in operation today, Walmart is putting the devices to good use. Customers can use “Super Hero AR” in two modes, Game Mode and Photo Capture Mode. Here is how it works:

Game Mode: Collect All Six Super Powers and Save the World
-Download the “Super Hero AR” App from the iTunes App Store or Android Market that also includes instant access to Hawkeye and his super powers
-Visit a local Walmart with your enabled smart device
-Seek out specific images on "Marvel's The Avengers" signage located in various departments around the store including apparel, grocery, toys and wireless
-Aim your smart devices at the target image to unlock each super hero’s power
-Collect the powers of the five remaining Avengers and get a chance to defeat Loki and win the game
Photo Capture Mode (available for iOS and Android): Take a Photo with Your Favorite Avenger
-Activate “photo capture mode” from a "Marvel’s The Avengers" DVD pallet in-store; a 3-D model of the super hero depicted on the DVD pallet will become visible on your phone
-Take a photo with your favorite Avenger
-Share it with friends on Facebook or via email
My family and I had a great time playing with this. Keep in mind that you have to use an internet connection before you start to use it. After the initial set up, you don't need the internet unless you want to Facebook your pictures right away. My kids took pictures with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk. It was almost as if they were right there.

The game is actually really fun too, but I have to go back to unlock all the characters. It's all free. You use their powers in an augmented reality environment to shoot down enemy spacecraft.

Walmart Unveils Super Hero Augmented Reality App | Avengers | News |

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