Friday, May 13, 2011

Debunking Christianity: The Pastor Dave Schmelzer Interview

Pastor Dave Schmelzer interview John Loftus on his podcast. Check it out.

I found that the interview was interesting. I kinda got the following from Loftus conversion story. After being caught in adultery, he decided to check out if Christianity was true and decided that there was no evidence for it according to his studies. I'm not impressed. I can understand how embarrassing and painful it must have been to have your sins unveiled in such a public way. Unfortunately, church folks can  be the most judgmental  and critical, especially of their leaders. Loftus missed a tremendous opportunity. He could have truly known God in a really close way - in the forgiveness of his sin and know God in a deeper way than he had known him. I think that every Christian has had such moment(s) where you have to look at your life, repent, and re-double your efforts to get as close to God as you can.  Seems to me that Loftus attempted to figure out how he could reject Christianity rather than face responsibility for his own sin.

Debunking Christianity: The Pastor Dave Schmelzer Interview
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